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Agents of the Local Police of Murcia stopped in the avenue Ciudad de Almería, two young people who tried to steal the proceeds from a taxi driver, who defended himself with a pepper spray, according to police sources.

The events occurred at 10:45 pm when a taxi driver in service picked up two young men who, when they reached their destination, intimidated him and tried to steal the proceeds he had obtained.

At that time, the victim of the robbery refused to hand over the money to them and defended himself from the two men by throwing in their eyes a spray of pepper personal defense that left them stunned and without vision temporarily, moment that the taxi driver took advantage of to alert the room of '092' of what happened.

A unit of the Local Police of Murcia, who found two young people who had irritation in their eyes and who coincided with the description provided by the taxi driver of the two men who tried to rob him, moved to the place.

The young, M.A. and M.K., 19 and 20 years old respectively and of Moroccan origin, were transferred, at first, to the emergency service of a health center so that they were treated for the ocular irritation they presented. Once the two detainees received treatment for the discomfort suffered, they were transferred to the Police Headquarters accused of the crime of robbery with attempted intimidation.


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