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Taxi fair 2009 in Barcelona


Barcelona was the headquarters of a new edition of: Taxi! Fira del Taxi on October 17 and 18 at Feria de Barcelona. As it was established in its latest editions, this fair alternates annually between the cities of Madrid and Barcelona to facilitate the greater attendance of taxi drivers in Spain.


<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Thanks to the efforts of the business sector and Spanish institutions interested in the taxi sector, for several years this important call was achieved, in the same way as other major European cities.


La Fira del Taxi is always a meeting point for industries, shops and services with taxi drivers in Spain. As in any meeting of this nature, the objective is to facilitate contact between clients and suppliers, that is why to ensure the success of the proposal, the organization put all its efforts in strengthening the offer of products and services to be exhibited and in ensuring the presence of the largest number of visitors.

Feria taxi 2009

About 10,000 people visited the 3rd edition of Fira del Taxi, so the organizers have rated as very positive both the attendance of the public and the number of exhibitors, just over 40. Francesc Narvaez, president of the Metropolitan Institute of Taxi (Imet) ), visited yesterday the taxi fair and toured the site greeting the exhibitors. Miguel A. Martín, manager of Imet, also attended. The two most important organizations of the sector at the state level that represents almost one hundred percent of all taxi drivers in Spain (Unalt and CTE) have been present at the Fair with their own stands each one of them. Likewise, the National Radiotaxis Association of Spain has been set up, which will group around 12,000 taxi drivers from all over the State and where the main stations of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Andalusia and Valencia are located at the beginning.



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