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The National Police have arrested a 35-year -old Ecuadorian national, who is known by the nickname of La Roca, as suspicion of robbery of a taxi driver that took place last August in Palma.

This is the third person arrested for these facts. The first two , two young Ecuadorian nationality which have already been arrested and have even already been tried and convicted. Each of the arrested has four years in prison.

The three men boarded a taxi and forced the driver to go to a secluded area . The driver threatened with a gun and forced him out of the car , but not before stealing 80 euros, your mobile phone and car keys. One of them also made a cut to the driver.

The first two arrested recognized early their intervention in the facts, but said they had not acted alone, they were  accompanied for a third individual nicknamed La Roca ,who had just masterminded the assault . They did not give further details of this individual except his nickname.

These few data did not prevent the police follow a line of investigation conducted by agents of the central station , which eventually arrested on Monday the man who was being wanted. Alejandro AV , who is illegally in Spain, yesterday afternoon entered in prison after declaring before the coroner of Palma. 

Source: J.F.M. PALMA (Diario de Mallorca)


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