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A taxi driver 30 of years old, who was identified as C.C.M. and that was pregnant, was victim on 16 September a robbery at gunpoint in the municipality of Aznalcóllar (Sevilla)
the author was arrested by the Guardia Civil at the locality of the Castle Guards, entered prison at around 11pm hours.

According to Europa Press sources of the case, they occurred around 2pm pm when the woman was at the bus station Prado de San Sebastián, where she was boarded for a man of 40s and 'well dress "who asked her to move to Aznalcóllar rate.

Once in the village, after circulating for some time back roads, the man pulled a gun and pointed it at the driver to the head, demanding she get out of the car. Although the robber told her that not touch anything, she, in a careless, could be done with a mobile phone avisor forces and security forces, after the man, around 2:30 pm hours, would abscond with the vehicle and collection of professional, about 530 euros, according to Europa Press sources of the Civil Guard, headquartered warned several patrols to cut back roads after learning the facts.

About 3pm, the policeman stopped this person in a performance of the Army, which was characterized by its speed and efficiency, while the robber was arrested half hour after the event, and accused of a crime of robbery with violence and intimidation


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