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CLEM OnBoard will offer GPS solutions of Evoluziona


CLEM On Board is a service of high added value designed by CLEM that integrates the solution "Posizionate" of Evoluziona Security and that is destined to its modern line of ecological vehicles ClemEcologic.

Through this solution, the client can have a telemetric system in real time positioning. With this system, fully integrated in the online management panel for CLEM clients, companies can have real-time information on the location of their vehicles, visualize the routes taken, times and current location through a simple system that allows obtain the information in different formats, always in a comfortable way through the Internet, using a computer or a phone with 3G connection.

"At Clem we are aware of the environment. We believe in sustainable transport, with which we can reduce CO2 emissions, pollution and noise in our cities. "Affirms Alejandro Sánchez, Ecology Division Director of CLEM.

The "Posizionate" system is based on a state-of-the-art GPS positioning device installed and protected inside the vehicle that communicates with the Evoluziona Seguridad server, providing timely and reliable information.

The service is offered in a fully integrated manner from CLEM, who will take charge of customer service. Evoluziona, as a security company, will offer all the support and support required by CLEM for the correct operation of this modern service.

"Evoluziona Seguridad, is a security company specialized in the monitoring and control of vehicles, for which it contributes a consistent technological knowledge." Affirms, Fernando Cobo Balaguer, manager of Evoluziona Seguridad.

The system is already available and information about it can be obtained through the CLEM Ecologic website:



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