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Occur each year in the European Union thefts trucks worth 8,000 million euros

To avoid this situation, there are several tools and devices that complicate the work of thieves.

Some solutions, such as that of Evoluziona, incorporate a recording video equipment embedded inside the truck to which special security cameras for this type of vehicle are connected.

The objective is twofold: to offer security, both from the truck itself and from the goods and even from the driver himself, and control, to know everything that happens inside the truck and outside.


Through video cameras you have legal proof of everything that happened, so you can take the relevant actions, including judicial.

The current technology also allows to have the system with real-time communication via the Internet, even with integrated GPS (if desired), so that the images captured by the cameras and the position of the vehicle can be viewed. Internet. The system can also be connected with audible alarms (sirens), notification by mobile message, etc.

Fernando Cobo, manager of Evoluziona, explains that:

"The customer can have a connection to view the cameras, position by GPS and have the management software, with 3G speed, for eight euros per month."

For this, the company has all types of cameras, even camouflaged, for usual cases of theft of fuel or parts.

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