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New software reproductive (CEIBA)

At Evoluziona Seguridad we continue to develop improvements and new successful solutions to meet and satisfy all the needs of our customers. That is why we have introduced a new player software (CEIBA).

The particularities with which this new software has are the following:

-Improve previous versions.

-Increases the features and options of reproduction, control and management of the files.

-In addition to the playback of recordings from the hard disk, SD card or removable memory, allows you to view them remotely by accessing the network (local via wifi, or through the internet).

-It offers simultaneous visualization of video, GPS position, as well as graphics of alarms, sensors, speed, temperature ... In an application of improved design, simple and intuitive.

-Includes comfortable and dynamic export tools to easily share files or fragments of them in a format compatible with any computer, streamlining the task in case of specifying its presentation as criminal or legal evidence, among many other applications.



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