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Civil Guard arrest two people who were stealing oil from two trucks in Benifaió

Officials of the Civil Guard have avoided the theft of diesel in a truck parking area in Benifaió and have arrested two people, of Spanish and Hungarian nationality, as reported by the Armed Institute.

The Civil Guard had been investigating since October a series of robberies with diesel in a closed campaign destined for the parking of trucks located in Benifaió.

For this reason, and within the framework of the 'Benigaso' operation, investigations were started by components of the Investigation area of ​​the Civil Guard in Almussafes, in order to identify, locate and arrest the author or authors.

As a result of the efforts made, it was found that there were two people, who were surprised by the Civil Guard when they tried to access this site in order to take diesel from the parked trucks.

The agents arrested two men on the night of November 4, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of burglary. At the time of the arrest, the arrested had broken through the perimeter fence of this truck parking area, and after noticing the police presence, they tried to flee the place being intercepted by the agents.

In this action the Civil Guard has intervened a total of 28 bottles of 20 liters and a hose, which were in the vicinity of the campaign and planned to commit the robbery.

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