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Traffic intensifies control of school buses

The General Directorateof Traffic (DGT) will intensify this week the controls on school buses,
which daily use half a million students and in which last year there were one dead and fifty
persons injured.
From Monday to Sunday, Civil Guard agents along with the local police who join this 
campaign will increase surveillance and inspections in school transport vehicles, with the aim
 of  checking authorizations and documentation.
Special attention will be paid to the use of seatbelts in those buses that have it installed,
the 38%, according to the Spanish Business Federation of Passenger Transport.
The agents will also verify that the technical conditions and safety elements of the vehicle
are those required by the regulations, as well as the special requirements that must be 
met by the driver himself, such as driving license or driving and rest times.
 According to the Road Passenger Transport Observatory, around 17,000 buses carry out
 school transport services, representing 40% of the private fleet, displacing more than 280
 million passengers per year.
Traffic recalls that last year one person lost his life in an accident that occurred in the 
interurban area. In addition, the number of seriously injured has gone from 1 to 5 and
the slightly injured have increased from 50 to 55 in the year 2012, in relation to the 
previous year.
Nine out of ten accidents happened at the time of getting in or out of the vehicle, or just in the
immediate moments, and in many cases they are abuses caused by a distraction of the minor,
the school bus driver, or the parents.
Inadequate speed and distractions are the main causes of accidents in which this type of
vehicle is involved. It is proven that at 50 kilometers per hour, which is the maximum speed
allowed on urban roads, the chances of a child surviving an accident without any safety 
measure is practically nil, even at low speed its survival is guaranteed.
As of 2013, all new EU buses and buses must have an emergency braking system that auto
matically activates when it detects the possibility of a collision. Since October 2007, no bus 
has been registered either without proper restraint systems installed.


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