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Mexico, the country with the highest auto robbery index in Latin America

Every day in the country, 200 insured cars are stolen for their commercialization or of some of their parts, or as a vehicle to commit another crime.

Although the rate of car theft declined in the last year, Mexico leads the list of countries in Latin America in this crime, followed by Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Costa Rica, according to the Organization of American States (OAS).

During 2012, more than 55% of reported cases of vehicle theft occurred under the use of violence. However, a percentage of cases of theft can be prevented if the drivers adopt some measures.

Robos con violencia

Some of the recommendations of the security experts are to change as much as possible the time of departure and arrival at home or work, as well as using different routes to reach the most frequented places. Also, try to use a different car, by exchanging it with your partner, for example, or use public transport for a few days, in addition to circulating through main roads and keeping an eye on the environment to identify potential risks.


The combination of different preventive measures has a multiplying effect, for example, the engraving of auto parts, in which parts such as headlights, mirrors, etc are marked; can reduce up to 50% the frequency of theft and possible economic losses.


Another measure, more effective, would be to place tracking devices such as GPS, raising the recovery rate of stolen cars up to 77%.


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