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Brutal beating a passenger on a bus in Nebraska

A security camera records at a bus driver beating up a passenger because "he is giving troubles."

Troy Fischer, bus driver in the city of Lincoln, faces justice on charges of assault after hitting out of the vehicle and a passenger who was allegedly causing problems.

The video of the attack was published last Friday and Utilities Councilman Lincoln, Mike Esposito, said the incident took place after Fisher notify his superior that he was having problems with a passenger.

According to reports, the supervisor ordered Fisher to ask the passenger to leave the bus voluntarily or call the police "He ignored the instructions", Esposito said, adding "took the matter in their own way."

Apparently, the driver asked the bus company that they delete the video, but company executives chose to dismiss and deliver the recording to the authorities.

Source: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/index


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