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Arrested in Milladoiro while trying to steal diesel from a truck

The newspaper La Voz de Galicia (Santiago) tells us how the Guardia Civil de Milladoiro arrested a robbery suspect in the area of ​​Travesía do Porto next to a truck at dawn on Thursday.

Next to the large-tonnage vehicle, a car was parked inside, where the detainee was located with a decanter full of fuel and two more empty tanks. In the fuel tank of the truck was a large hose to extract fuel and a spot of diesel oil on the asphalt.

This event could have been avoided if the assaulted truck had integrated our fuel control product, which has an automatic recognition system for the vehicle and / or driver that allows controlling up to the last liter of fuel that each vehicle has refueled.

The system identifies each of the vehicles by means of a wireless washer that surrounds the fuel inlet pipe. When the spray gun is inserted, it detects the vehicle and allows fuel to be dispensed thereto. As long as the gun does not detect the corresponding rings, it will not allow the fuel to escape.


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