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Article about antitheft in vehicles publised by Transporte Profesional magazine.

The Transporte Profesional magazine has published in its number of March 2015 an article about varios anti-theft devices and vehicle location systemas, in which several of our products in Evoluziona Seguridad are presented.

Due to increasing vehicle theft, it is now possible to find a broad range of sophisticated devices to solve it. From Evoluziona Security we offer various products aimed at improving both safety and control in transport.

Our GPS tracking system allows locating vehicles on a map which are wanted to be kept under control. This positioning ensures view at all times and / or analyze where were the vehicles at an earlier period. It is based on a network of satellites orbiting above Earth and send a signal to the current position.

Furthemore, we also offer solution to fuel theft. For this we have a metal device placed in the mouth by which the oil is introduced, thus preventing it could be removed with any tube.  

Finally, we also have a video recording system by which it is possible to have records about everything that happens inside the vehicle. This tool is a deterrent against vandalism and theft of all kinds of goods, resulting in improved service management.


Click here to access the report in the magazine Transport Profesional (in Spanish only).


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