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Evoluziona in Brazil

Through our Partner GRUPO ETRA, we have been in Brazil supporting laboratory tests of our equipment as well as technically and commercially supporting our partner in Brazil for our Wi-Fi services, passenger counting and on-board video surveillance. We hope soon to be able to start installations for an interesting and...

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10 Sep 0 Comments

New software: OTTO

  Finally we have a new software version for the management of the videos and position. Now all in one. Through OTTO, you can watch recordings, watch live, manage incidents, as well as plan downloads using Wifi.       Forget the old CMS, Playback and ADS, all in one,...

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30 Apr 0 Comments

New DVRS, all hybrid

From Evoluziona Seguridad we would like to communicate that since May 2015 our nuew DVRs will be hybrid and able to record with both analog and IP cameras. The quality of our cameras has been increased from D1 to WD1 (960x576). Regarding our IP cameras, now they will record 1280x720....

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28 Apr 0 Comments

Changes in Costa Rica

We regret to inform you that, due to disagreements with the management by the Costa Rican manager, from Evoluziona Seguridad International we temporarily stop the activity in Costa Rica by the current staff. Therefore, the main figure formed by Humberto Alfaro Ureña (Ronald) and the respective employees do not represent...

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13 Mar 0 Comments

Article about antitheft in vehicles publised by Transporte Profesional magazine.

The Transporte Profesional magazine has published in its number of March 2015 an article about varios anti-theft devices and vehicle location systemas, in which several of our products in Evoluziona Seguridad are presented.

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We improved our prices

Contact with our national and international department sales, to review our current rates. Significant improvement in almost all our products and services.

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19 Jan 0 Comments

Evo-car installation

Evo-car is a fuel optimizer device which acheives more efficient combustion. This allows to reduce fuel consumption, polluting emissions and noise pollution as well as increase performance and the vehicle lifetime if using gasoline, diesel, biodiesel or bioethanol.

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Evoluziona on Vimeo

Discover our Vimeo page, with videos of all our products.

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People counter 97%

New people counter with a precision of 97%. With a processor count and analog cameras, wide angle (min 2.8 mm), which recorded using video analysis inputs and outputs of the passengers on the bus. Includes a door sensor (alarms).

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