26 Jan 0 Comments

We improved our prices

Contact with our national and international department sales, to review our current rates. Significant improvement in almost all our products and services.

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06 Feb 0 Comments

We can better almost any price

After working for various years in the international market in places like Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and Morocco, we can offer our customers reduced prices, thanks to our economies of scale. 

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11 Dec 0 Comments

New Mexico Phone

Now you can contact us at our new Mexico phone + 55 4164 8298  Being present in international schedule. Call us to discuss their doubts and interests.

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27 Jun 0 Comments

Schedule change head office

Summer time in the head office. Now you can contact us from 8am to 15pm. We hope your calls.

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10 May 0 Comments

Changing corporate image of the offices in Morocco

Here you can see some pictures of the new poster that is in our offices in Morocco.   And some pictures of the inside cartel, with the description of our products.

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23 Dec 0 Comments

China Air traffic project

Integrating our air traffic division, we started very interesting projects in China, where for the first time, on board security and air traffic combine forces to offer attractive solutions in China.

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