02 Jul 0 Comments

Focus in value

We have reduced the product portfolio, to focus better on the products that offer the highest value; all supported by our great commitment to the future: Busae. With all this, the standard GPS positioning systems (without cameras), fuel control and fuel savings, will not be Evoluziona's own products. We will...

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10 Jun 0 Comments

Cameras and sensors for Cemex

From Cemex Spain, they rely on Evoluziona again, this time for the installation of lateral movement sensors, to detect cyclists; as well as continuous side and front video recording cameras in case of impacts.

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14 May 0 Comments

Global trusts in Evoluziona

In Gran Canaria they have also relied on Evoluziona, specifically the company Global Salcai Utinsa, by installing video surveillance cameras in the first 30 vehicles. Analog cameras, as well as IP, all connected to the Internet and with GPS. It is only the beginning of a relationship where every year...

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02 Apr 0 Comments

Starting collaboration with Arriva group

The group Arriva, belonging to DB Company, has chosed Evoluziona for the implantation of the video recording system embarked in its northern division (Galicia) with more than 100 vehicles, soon the system will also be implemented in the Balearic Islands.

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25 Mar 0 Comments

International restructuring

The growth without control is not good, for that reason from Evoluziona we have decided to slow down, back off and be able to control better the quality of product and service. With this we have decided to close international offices, staying only in Spain and Panama.   In the...

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16 Feb 0 Comments

New mini taxi camera

We present the new mini camera express application in taxis, we call it Taxi to be clear. It is a 2.35 mm wide-angle camera. It opens about 120 degrees and can perfectly capture all the passengers of the taxi. It has small infrared, 2 meters of scope perfect for taxis....

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