18 Jun 0 Comments

CMS for Iphone and Ipad

Now available the new version of Evoluziona Seguridad Software CMS (Central Monitoring System) for Iphone and Ipad. The CMS is a multifunctional tool that makes managing and monitoring mobile devices can be made from anywhere easier, convenient and fast.

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05 Jul 0 Comments

The people counter via video, the start of the stand of Evoluziona at FIAA

The product aroused great interest among visitors to the stand of Evoluziona in the FIAA was the video people counter. As indicated from the company, "caught the attention and interest of most visitors." This can be used on buses, trains, buildings, airports, etc.

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04 Jul 0 Comments

Occur each year in the European Union thefts trucks worth 8,000 million euros

To avoid this situation, there are several tools and devices that complicate the work of thieves. Some solutions, such as that of Evoluziona, incorporate a recording video equipment embedded inside the truck to which special security cameras for this type of vehicle are connected.

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