Autocares Plana, Spain

Personalized wifi for the passengers in real time integrated into Evoluziona's on-board cameras

César Cebrián, Control Economic

Internet access platform for passengers based on 4G technology in more than 100 buses. A single 4-port router uses LAN for on-board video recorders.  Passengers and on-board video surveillance equipment use the same SIM.

Users access a port with their email accounts, and provide information about their countries of origin.  They navigate free of charge for 5 minutes while their accounts are validated. Once validated, passengers can navigate for unlimited time.

Back office web platform for system follow-up  (email accounts, Mb used, time, users connected, remote updating, etc.). 

Open MAC list, without need for verification or joining platform (through mobile application for drivers) 

Differentiating Features

  • Wifi for passengers and on-board videos use the same SIM
  • Personalized 4G wifi platform