Can the system handle electronic payment system using contactless card?

Yes, but it really is a function of the vending Ticket, further information please check "Ticket Vending".

Can I start with a normal GPS eqipment and thenadquire the console or ticketing machine?

Yes, of course but logically arranging of limited possibilities.

Does it serve the same basic GPS so the console to provide information on the arrival of the buses?

Yes, because this system is based on information gathered at the time server continually being made by the vehicle and distance to stop. They have nothing to do with whether or not console for communication with the driver.

¿Which are the differences between “Fleet Management” and “SAE”?

The main difference is that SAE is the fleet management system itself, but more advanced, requiring more information and communication. It is a system specifically designed for the bus and coach industry that allows for many other functions such as linking with stops, Android software user, etc.

What guarantee offer the hardware equipment?.

2 years warranty