Does the video recorder's GPS include the functionality of a fleet management GPS?

No, the GPS of the video recorder has a security focus. Along with the video, the GPS position is available, both in the recordings and in the live one. Via the Internet, you can check the route taken by the vehicle, but it does not have the functions of the reports of a fleet management system.

For what other GPS is there a GPS system in the taxi?

It is very practical that in the same system where the recordings can be viewed, the GPS position can be displayed at any time. On the other hand, before any conflict. With another GPS system, the credibility is not the same (for example, the time is not synchronized).

Currently I already have a GPS router in my vehicle, can I transmit the signal from my GPS system through its 3G router?

If possible, it is possible. In this way, you can enable the transmission of information on systems with a single SIM card.

Why do you see jumps on the Internet and at times the quality is bad?

Internet has nothing to do with the real quality of the local recording (in the vehicle). In the vehicle you can record in D1 quality and 15 images per second; Some 3 or 4 images per second will be reproduced online and the maximum quality is equivalent to a CIF.

The transmission channel is 3G upload; with very limited speeds (compared to fiber or ADSL). In addition, changes in antennas, coverage and bandwidth can also have stops.

Can you use the reversing screen that is available in the taxi to view the cameras?

If the screen has two video inputs and one is not available (usual), its use is possible.

Can I place hidden cameras and record audio?

In the EU, NO (because of the existence of a European data protection standard) in the rest of the countries is usually allowed. The specific national regulations will be reviewed.

Is it mandatory to place the "Video Surveillance Zone" signs inside the taxi?

In Europe it is, in the rest of the countries. However, it is usually recommended and very common.

What guarantee do the teams have?

2 years warranty.