How the instalation process is?

It is the most delicate process of this process, it must be performed by personnel trained by Evoluziona Security. Teams must is secured and protected from vandalism of drivers, passengers, etc. and above all, well configured.

Each bus is completely different and therefore must adjust many parameters in the installation in order that the meter works properly. These parameters include: height, horizontal angle, vertical angle stairs with their distances, define zones input, output, define soil, etc. Simply screwing untreated. For this configuration is supported by Internet entering the computer at the time of the configuration from Spain.



Can the counter´s cameras recording video?

Cameras can send streaming form video recorded to a storage device, such as a NAS board or an FTP server. This requires a license extra software on the counter; counter itself can not record video.

Is it possible to download the information from people counter manually?

Yes, you can access the meter itself cable network, entering at its Web menu and export the log in CSV format for its management. Due to that the meter itself features IP, you can access it by WIFI (if using an access point or router WIFI).

Does currently offer a software for manage the counting information at the local? that´s means without being downloaded automatically by Internet on their servers

No, given the technological evolution, from Evoluziona we are offering on real-time information, facilitating access to it as well as offering a comfortable managing it.

How  the multi-rate system related to GPS works?

Prices are set according to sections of inputs and outputs on the one hand in the software. The system has people going up and get off at each stop, but it is impossible (with counter) identify who is the person that going up and get off in each stop; thereby linking people that are getting off and identify where they taken the bus. However, given the requests of our customers have created a system based on FIFO (First In First Out) identifying that the first people to enter (on average) will be the first out system.

In this way and through fares each way possible to make an estimate of future revenues. The company can always check all the people who is getting into and getting off thanks to the the system  reports provided by drivers.

Can the GPS router be used for fleet management?

Yes, the software is ready for that ; simply would have a higher monthly cost for use this application.

How long is the guarantee of the equipment?

2 years warranty.