What does the monthly maintenance fee include?

The monthly maintenance fee offers a very complete service, from the communications (placement of the included SIM cards) and the monthly service of use of our application, to the application of the updates in relation to the software.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the monthly fee does not include the maintenance of physical facilities; that is, if for reasons unrelated to Evoluziona Seguridad the equipment is disconnected and must be physically checked, the services performed will be billed.

Can I stop paying the fee if my vehicles are not running due to the end of the season?

Canceling and discharging SIM cards is a high cost that we can not do constantly. Even if the vehicles are stopped, our service continues to operate and the positions continue to be transmitted, so the payment of the fee must continue to be paid. If the volume of the fleet is considerably large, it is possible to reduce the monthly cost of the quota for the off-season months, consult with our sales representatives for more information.

Is it necessary to place the antennas outside?

The effectiveness of the GPS depends to a great extent on where the hardware is placed and on the metal obstacles to the sky. If the GPS is placed on the dashboard near the glass and on the top (inside), the results of the equipment will be better than if you place it for example under the seat.

What guarantee do the teams have?

2 years warranty.